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Yearning for an authentic life?
Devastated by grief, loss or brokenness?
Struggling with meaning and purpose?
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Honoring Your Heart’s Deepest Longings and Values

that you may have an authentic life, a life in all fullness

Reach out to begin your Spiritual Counseling, Dream Work and Open Hearted Soul-Searching. I look forward to walking with you!

Dr. Royce Fitts, Spiritual Counselor and Dream Worker

Fellow Soul-Searcher

Dr. Royce Fitts, MFT

I’m Dr. Royce Fitts, Spiritual Counselor and Dream Worker. I’m certified as a Spiritual Care Professional and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have decades of experience as a clinical psychotherapist and liberal theologian. I’m a soul-searcher like you. I provide healing for:

Honoring Your Heart’s Deepest

Longings and Values

Some of the hardest, most enriching and loving work we will ever do is to try, in the face of all the struggles and tragedies in our world, to create meaning, beauty and healing in our personal lives and in the life of the larger world. This, if anything, is our calling.

If invited, I am honored to walk along your side as we explore your path and truth and move toward your healing. Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work is about deep, honest soul-searching for you to become your most authentic, healthy self. This is for you, your loved ones and for our beautiful, wounded world, for us to be “a light unto our courageous path.”

The Geography of the Soul Book Cover & Ebook
Kelly Sullivan Walden
Kelly Sullivan Walden
Dream Expert, Media Personality, & International Bestselling Author of 'A Crisis Is A Terrible Thing to Waste'
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"An extraordinary read! Geography of the Soul, by Doctor Royce Fitts, is arduous and gentle, challenging and provocative as he takes the reader on a true pilgrimage across the Ridgeway Trail in England, 100 miles on foot. It's deeply personal, confessional, and yet accidentally spiritual..."
Viviana Guzman
Viviana Guzman
GRAMMY Nominated album artist, TEDx speaker, internationally performing flutist, faculty member, University of California, Santa Cruz
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"In this compelling memoir, Dr. Royce Fitts has crafted a literary masterpiece that will resonate with readers across the globe. The book's ability to simultaneously touch our hearts, stimulate our minds, and nourish our souls is a testament to the author's endearing spirit and profound understanding of the human condition."
Dr. Patti Ashley
Dr. Patti Ashley
Psychotherapist, TEDx speaker, author of 'Shame-Informed Therapy: Treatment Strategies to Overcome Shame and Reconstruct the Authentic Self'
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“Royce takes you on a non-linear journey into the inner and outer landscapes of his life. His stravage, as he describes it—‘…engaging in a defiant walk, a decision to stray without limits…’—invites you to see beyond your conceived notions and beliefs and stretch into limitlessness, flow, and mystery—a journey that many of us are afraid to take.”
Kathleen Webster O’Malley
Kathleen Webster O’Malley
Author of 'The Healing Wisdom of Dreams'
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“Infused with healing wisdom and profound experiences, The Geography of the Soul reminds us of the seamless conversation between our inner and outer landscapes. Royce Fitts transports us to stunning terrains, provides helpful in-sights for times when we feel lost and hopeless, and encourages us to venture onto trails we might ordinarily overlook. He shows us how we can become more whole.”
Rev. Dr. Mary A. Frohs
Rev. Dr. Mary A. Frohs
Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Pastoral Counselor
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“Royce Fitts is the perfect guide to shepherd us on a journey into self-discovery, healing, and wholeness. Throughout Geography of the Soul, with elegance and vulnerability, he weaves his life experiences together with world history, geography, spirituality, politics, psychology, and DreamWork into a beautiful tapestry of self-authenticity.”
Sharyn Campbell
Sharyn Campbell
Death Doula and Dream Worker
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“As one who strives to appreciate synchronicities and intuition, I treasure (and plan to adopt) the author’s expression of ‘synchronistic intuitions.’ I appreciate how well he interweaves stories about the Nebraska prairie, the English terrain, projective dreamwork, counseling, and his own life experiences.”

New Book Available!

The Geography of the Soul

What if you took a hike, a saunter, a stravage across an ancient land and it changed your life, forever?

I’d be honored to provide you a free PDF of the Introduction of my newly released book. In this introduction, you will experience how our sense of place, our relationships with our physical and spiritual landscapes, merging with our recollections of personal stories and nighttime dreams, can all be woven together to heal the wounds of our lifetime. This spiritual memoir was inspired by a hike I took across the English countryside in 2016.

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Living your most authentic, courageous life? Trapped by a lifetime of old habits and paths that constrict and smother your soul? Ready to boldly—or with great fear!—discover your own undiscovered country? It’s time, then, to take a walk, a hike, a stravage across an ancient land and change your life, forever.

The Geography of the Soul Book Cover & Ebook

Special Interview of Royce

by his Editor and Writing Coach, Marisa Goudy

This is my process to help you

Counseling & Dreamwork

Spiritual Counseling

Creating Your Authentic Life—With Fullness, Healing & Meaning

I sit in presence with you as you explore your own internal territory, your spiritual geography...who you are — wounds, joys, yearnings — and help you create your authentic life, full of integrity, joy and healing. Open-hearted soul-searching invites you to become deeply vulnerable and compassionate toward yourself and others. Your healing will be a gift for yourself, your relationships and for our beautiful, wounded world.

Dream Work

Your Dreams Are Always On Your Side

In our gentle and deep work together, we will wonder and wander through your dream world and explore the beautiful meanings and healings in your dreams. You'll learn that your dreams are always on your side. They are a limitless inner resource — a library of wisdom! — full of insights, wholeness and healing. Your dreams are an adventure into your creative heart. Of course, I always honor "dreamer's choice" so there's never any pressure.

healing outside with shawl bowl space

Are you a fellow healer?

Healing for Healers

The path of a healer has never been an easy one. You give so much of yourself to your craft, to serving others, to transforming lives. You take the risks of compassion, love and activism to “be the change”. However, as you drain your own well, deplete your inner resources, and keep pushing through, you end up with classic symptoms of burnout, exhaustion, and disconnection.

Through intimate, safe, and private conversations we’ll explore healing ways to restore you and to understand how your nighttime dreams come in service for your health, healing, wisdom and wholeness.

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