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Are You…
a Healer in
Need of Healing?

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Are You…
Needing Open-Hearted
Spiritual Support?

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Are You…
Spiritually and
Emotionally Exhausted?

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Are You…
Curious, Distressed
or Confused by Your
Nighttime Dreams?

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Are You…
Losing Your Sense of
Meaning and Purpose?

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Are You…
In Anguish and Suffering
Because of Loss and Grief?


Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work

Are you looking for a new way to heal?

Dream Analysis? Dream Interpretation?

Instead, I offer you a beautiful, gentle way of healing and restoration through dreams called Projective Dream Work.

Are you a healer in need of healing?

The world’s needs are overwhelming.

You’re following your calling and dedicating your life to the service and healing of others, and to the larger world.

Are you simply a person who is yearning for a more authentic life, or may be suffering from trauma or grief?

Whether your work offers the smallest of compassionate tasks for a loved one, or you’re in a practice that offers healing and restoration to others, or you work in the larger arenas of the world addressing justice and peace, social change, environmental issues and other healing callings, you know the work is so rewarding and necessary. But you tend to give and give until you push yourself to your emotional, physical, and spiritual limits. And then, you try to give some more.

You may sit with the grief of someone who has lost a loved one, absorbing their tears, heartaches and confusions. You may be invited to be present as a client describes the traumas and tragedies of their lives.

You may be discouraged by environmental destruction, global pandemics, political divisions and violence and the seeming inability to bring about lasting, healing change to our world.

Yet, healers like you don’t stop. You have gifts and a calling to carry on.

As a healer, you don’t give up. You keep diving into the anguish, anyway, to offer gifts of compassion and insight. You offer your calm, thoughtful presence to bring healing, workable alternatives to violence and polarization.

Are You Suffering from Burnout and Exhaustion?

Lately, you’ve realized that you’re not experiencing as much joy in your personal or professional life. Sometimes, you wonder if you’re doing your best work. As you drain your own well, deplete your inner resources, and keep pushing through, you end up with classic symptoms of burnout, exhaustion, and disconnection. You watch your own process and get frustrated by how you handle (or don’t handle!) your own spiritual and self-care needs. After all, you should know how to care for and heal yourself (or so you think).

In truth, healing is seldom a solitary task. Even with all of your wisdom and experience (or, perhaps, because of it?) you need someone who can walk beside you on this adventure into your own spirit, across the terrain of dreams, and through this landscape of suffering.

Through intimate, safe, and private conversations we’ll explore healing ways to restore you and to understand how your every nighttime dream comes in service for your health, healing, wisdom and wholeness.

Royce Fitts, Spiritual Counselor, Dream Work, Healing for Healers I’m Royce Fitts, Spiritual Counselor, DreamWorker and ordained minister. I’m certified as a Spiritual Care Professional and have decades of experience as a clinical psychotherapist. I am on a mission to help healers like you deepen your own healing process and, in turn, do the work of caring for others. We live in a wounded world and we yearn to “be the change we wish to see.” The answers we seek are found through our individual expressions of spirituality and in the unconscious processes that come through the gifts of our nighttime dreams. Our hope and our healing comes through the beauty and challenges of community and our common humanity. I’m here to be your guide along those paths. To express the fullness of who I am, how I experience the world and how I seek to be a healer for healers, please see my about page.

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