Dr. Royce Fitts, LMFT

Holistic, Spiritual Counselor & Dream Work

Counselor & Dream Worker

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Dr. Royce Fitts, LMFT

Holistic, Spiritual Counselor & Dream Worker

If invited, I am honored to walk along your side as we explore your path and work toward your healing. Holistic and Spiritual Counseling & Dream Work is about deep, honest soul-searching for you to become your most authentic, healthy self. This is for you, your loved ones and for our beautiful world.

Why work with me?

Instant access through online availability
Confidential services are available through video, phone, or face-to-face if local.
Added value through dream work
We will wonder and wander through your dream world and explore the beautiful meanings and healings in your dreams.
Free 30-minute consultation
You are invited to a FREE 30-minute, no-obligation consultation to explore with me how dream work & spiritual counseling can help you.
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Dr. Royce Fitts, Spiritual Counselor and Dream Worker

Dr. Royce Fitts, LMFT

Counselor & Dream Worker
I’m a holistic, spiritual counselor, dream worker, and author. I have nearly 40 years of seasoned experience as a human relations professional, psychotherapist and open-hearted theologian working in the areas of spiritual and emotional health. Here are my current credentials:

Dr. Royce Fitts, Author

Writer, Author, Healer

The Geography of the Soul: Dreams, Reality and the Journey of a Lifetime is my first book, which blends memoir, political and social consciousness, and spiritual wisdom and takes you to a hidden gem in the midst of the English countryside: the Ridgeway National Trail.

My book explores relationships between physical and spiritual landscapes, personal and collective histories, and night-time dreams and how they weave together to reveal and heal the wounds of our lifetime.

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Living your most authentic, courageous life? Trapped by a lifetime of old habits and paths that constrict and smother your soul? Ready to boldly—or with great fear!—discover your own undiscovered country? It’s time, then, to take a walk, a hike, a stravage across an ancient land and change your life, forever. Purchase The Geography of the Soul today!
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Dr. Royce Fitts, Author

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Holistic, Spiritual Counselor & Dream Work