Dr. Royce Fitts

The Community of Dreams

Misty River with Storm Clouds in Summer

Imagine that… Imagine that… you have a (nighttime) dream. Then, imagine it is the tradition of your family or group or community in which you live to want to listen to your dreams in a spirit of interest, sacredness, acceptance, and being non-judgmental. No matter what your dream…your community graciously accepts your dream…even believes that […]

The Basics of Projection

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Just because my projections are symbolic reflections of more or less unconscious aspects of my own being, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t also vaguely accurate apprehensions of what’s actually going on in the outer world. My projections may be either true or false – but either way, the fact that they are projections will block […]

Stress Management and Your Dreams

Healing Sunshine Over Rocks

How to reduce and manage stress through understanding your nighttime dreams. Dr. Royce Fitts (copyright 2009, from a transcript of a mini-seminar) Can you believe this? If you take 10-20 minutes a day to write down your dreams from the night before, or even do this just 2-3 times a week, you will begin to […]

Random Thoughts, Tips, Trips on Dreams​

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Royce’s random ever-changing thoughts, tips, trips unsubstantiated rumors, absolutely true facts and suggestions about dreams… (please know that these “tips” are from my many years of mindful thinking, mindless contemplation, hours of reading, intimate conversations with countless beings, consultations with my dream mentor and deep friend, the late Dr. Jeremy Taylor, and so many, many […]

Here’s What Projective Dream Work Looks Like

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(The following is taken from a Dream Work workshop.) First, read through the handout titled, The Dream Work Tool Kit, then follow the steps below: a) We have a volunteer who will share a dream. I have asked this person to share as much as possible…all the dream story, the details, the colors, the feelings, the […]

How to Catch a Dream

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Remembering your dreams…now, how do you do that? Well, perhaps it is as the old adage says…”what y’a don’t use, y’a lose!” And, it is true…when we do not cultivate or tend or pay attention to our “garden of dreams”, we may lose awareness of our dreams. Our garden may experience drought, or may be […]

Dreams of Leadership​

Leadership Dreams Winter tree and rock formation

History, both ancient and modern, is full of stories of how (nighttime) dreams have influenced leaders and events in most every culture and time period. Biblical stories abound of dreams and dream work being experienced by major personalities like Daniel, Joel, Ezekiel–to the surreal experience of John’s Revelation, plus more. All of these point to […]

Dream Work Tool Kit

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Six Basic Hints for Dream Work One All dreams speak a universal language and come in the service of health and wholeness. There is no such thing as a “bad dream” — only dreams that sometimes take a dramatically negative form in order to grab our attention. Two Only the dreamer can say with any […]

Let The Dreams Of Your Life Create The Life Of Your Dreams!

Dream Portal through red rock formation

Introducing the process and skills of projective Dream Work Explore and understand the Insights, Wisdom, and Call To Action of dreams for your Life, Work, and Community Projective Dream Work is one of many valid approaches to understanding the meaning of night-time dreams. Every night, we make movies in our heads. Every night, whether we remember […]