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Dreams Are a Powerful inner Resource

Dream Work will help your healing process

You know what it’s like to feel shaky over your morning coffee because of the crazy, outrageous, gruesome, shocking, otherworldly dream you had the night before. And, you’ve noticed how nightmares are so frightening and how dreams tend to affect others and those you care about.

As you try not to take those dreams too literally (you read somewhere that death doesn’t really mean death, and sex doesn’t necessarily indicate only erotic desire), you often write off your dreams as mere quirks of the mind, weird dust of the night.

And so, you shake off the nighttime cobwebs and move into your day – caring for others’ needs, worrying over the headlines, and trying to make a little room for self-care here and there. With eyes wide open, you seek the insights and the energy you need to move through another day.

Dream work can help you find the answers.

Dreams are healing portals into the unconscious

What does a Dream Work session look like?

Dream Work, as I practice and experience it, honors both ancient and modern beliefs about dreams. It draws upon current psychological theories and it is always designed to support the dreamer with gentle, non-judgmental respect.

In our work together, we will wonder and wander through your dream world and uncover the meanings of your dreams. Through this inner exploration, you begin to understand that your dreams open you to a limitless inner library of insights, symbols, and healing. You’ll see how traumatic dreams are the inner self’s way of leading you to reconciliation and healing. You’ll learn how dreams of death and dying so often guide you toward rebirth and the release of new energy.

When you enter this very personal Dream Work process you’re actually creating ripples of healing that affect (consciously and unconsciously) your loved ones, your clients, and the wider world. As you understand your unconscious world you are more able to create change in your everyday reality.

Dream Work: A path to health and wholeness

For over two million years, humans have dreamed. Certainly, our ancestors worried over nightmares and much of the rest of the middle of the night fantasia, but they also used their dreams to know themselves and to strengthen their trusted community.

As a Projective Dream Worker, it’s my privilege to sit with individuals and groups and be immersed in the true power and potential of dreams. After years of personal and professional practice, this is what I know for sure:

Dream Work is where deep healing happens

Dreams Are Healing Portals into the Unconscious

What if I told you that within you are many of the answers you seek? And that, being in an intimate community with trusted others, you will have even more answers and more callings of the soul will unfold for your life and the world? What if I told you that open hearted, soul searching, meaning of life direction was available to you in your dreams?

What if I reminded you that your inner world contains much of the information you need to help yourself heal and to nourish your sense of purpose and meaning?

Yes, I am talking about recognizing the power of your own dreams.

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