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Dream Work

Dream Work and your healing process

In our work together, we will wonder and wander through your dream world and uncover the meanings of your dreams. Through this inner exploration, you begin to understand that your dreams open you to a limitless inner library of insights, symbols, and healing. You’ll see how traumatic dreams are the inner self’s way of leading you to reconciliation and healing. You’ll learn how dreams of death and dying so often guide you toward rebirth and the release of new energy.

As a Projective Dream Worker, it’s my privilege to sit with individuals and groups and be immersed in the true power and potential of dreams.

Dream Portal through red rock formation
summer sun coming through trees with mountains and blue sky

Why dreams?

You know what it’s like to feel shaky over your morning coffee because of the crazy, outrageous, gruesome, shocking, otherworldly dream you had the night before? You try not to take those dreams too literally and often write off your dreams as mere quirks of the mind, weird dust of the night.

However, with Projective Dream Work, we will enter your dream world. Through this process you are actually creating ripples of healing that affect (consciously and unconsciously) you, your loved ones, and the wider world. As you understand your unconscious world you are more able to create change in your everyday reality.

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For more information about healing through your dreams, here are some articles I have written. Feedback, questions, and reflections welcome!

Misty River with Storm Clouds in Summer
The Community of Dreams

Imagine that… Imagine that… you have a (nighttime) dream. Then, imagine it is the tradition of your family or group or community in which you

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Winter Bluffs West
The Basics of Projection

Just because my projections are symbolic reflections of more or less unconscious aspects of my own being, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t also vaguely accurate

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hole through dreamlike rock formation
How to Catch a Dream

Remembering your dreams…now, how do you do that? Well, perhaps it is as the old adage says…”what y’a don’t use, y’a lose!” And, it is

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Leadership Dreams Winter tree and rock formation
Dreams of Leadership​

History, both ancient and modern, is full of stories of how (nighttime) dreams have influenced leaders and events in most every culture and time period.

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summer sun coming through trees with mountains and blue sky
Dream Work Tool Kit

Six Basic Hints for Dream Work One All dreams speak a universal language and come in the service of health and wholeness. There is no

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Holistic, Spiritual Counselor & Dream Work