Dr. Royce Fitts, LMFT

Holistic, Spiritual Counselor & Dream Work


Healing for Healers

Are you a healer in need of healing?

Counseling offers a vital outlet for individuals in the healing and caretaking industry to address the unique challenges, emotional burdens, and burnout associated with their roles, fostering self-care practices and enhancing their ability to provide effective support to others.

Through intimate, safe, and private conversations we’ll explore healing ways to restore you and to understand how your nighttime dreams come in service for your health, healing, wisdom and wholeness.

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What does a session look like?

We come together to explore your needs and questions. We’ll address what you’re going through as an individual and as a healer, trying to care for yourself and make sense of it all.

Healing is seldom a solitary task. Even with all of your wisdom and experience, you need someone who can walk beside you on this adventure into your own spirit, across the terrain of dreams, and through this landscape of suffering.

Before our first counseling session, I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation to ensure that we’re a match.

Who are healers?

A healer/caregiver profession involves providing physical, emotional, or spiritual support and assistance to individuals in need. This encompasses a range of roles such as nurses, doctors, therapists, counselors, and more.

Holistic, Spiritual Counselor & Dream Work