Dr. Royce Fitts, LMFT

Holistic, Spiritual Counselor & Dream Work

How Dreams Shape Our Reality and Soul

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By The Dream Power Experience, Debbie Weisman


We all know that dreams have the power to transform our lives when we pay attention to them. Usually I’m referring to the dreams we have at night, but this also holds true for our daytime dreams. Now just imagine what can happen when we combine both daytime and nighttime dreams into our existence.

My guest, Spiritual Counselor and Dreamworker Dr. Royce Fitts, had the chance to do this when he embarked on a journey of self-discovery by walking the Ridgeway Trail in England. He captured what he learned about himself in his book The Geography of Soul: Dreams, Reality and the Journey of a Lifetime. On this episode he shares his insights which can help anyone seeking a journey of personal transformation, including:

  • How to use dreams as a tool for personal growth
  • How the word he uses to describe his journey fit perfectly with his desired outcome
  • How nature helps us go within
  • What happens when we face our shadows
  • Why going it alone is sometimes the best answer
  • The role of curiosity
  • How a recurring dream can help us navigate through life

Most of us probably won’t hike a 100-mile trail like Dr. Fitts did, but if you want travel vicariously with him to find out what it’s like and what it can teach you, don’t miss this enlightening episode of Dream Power Radio.

“Spiritual Counseling and Dreamwork is about deep, honest soul-searching for you to become your most authentic, healthy self. This is for you, your loved ones and for our beautiful, wounded world, for us to be ‘a light unto our courageous path.'” – Royce Fitts

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