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Let’s sit together and make space for your healing and renewal.

Through deep, gentle questions and conversations, non-judgemental listening, gracious Dream Work and Spiritual Counseling, we will explore your spiritual landscape and garden to restore you, mind, body, and soul.

What greater adventure and beauty is there than to heal?

You are invited to a FREE, no-obligation session (generally about 30 minutes) to explore with me how Dream Work and Spiritual Counseling can help you heal and deepen your ability to live more authentically and meaningfully as you contribute to the goodness of the world and the healing of others.

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Over my extensive experience of working with people in deep, therapeutic healing sessions, I have come to believe that the most effective time frame is a 90-minute session. This gives us time to explore what your heart and soul is requesting and needing. Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work will help you heal through your grief. It gives us time to listen to your heart’s deepest desires, your dreams and wounds as you move toward new wholeness. It gives us time to wonder, sometimes wander, as we explore your paths for healing and restoration.

Each 90 minute session is $250.00.

 Please email me for questions about the possibility of reduced fees and/or refer to my FAQ page for further information.

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Please give 48 hours notice to reschedule an appointment.