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Holistic, Spiritual Counselor & Dream Work

Here’s What Projective Dream Work Looks Like

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(The following is taken from a Dream Work workshop.)

First, read through the handout titled, The Dream Work Tool Kit, then follow the steps below:

a) We have a volunteer who will share a dream. I have asked this person to share as much as possible…all the dream story, the details, the colors, the feelings, the people, the animals, buildings and on and on…and to do this in the first person tense, to tell us the dream as if it were happening now….Our job is to simply listen and wonder in silence.

b) Now we, the audience, ask questions to the dreamer about the dream. No interpreting or analyzing. Just ask questions so you can understand the dream better, so you will put yourself in the dream.

c) Next, if the dreamer is ready, the dreamer loans us, this little community or tribe in us, the dream…this is when we “borrow” the dream.

d) We project…we speak of this dream as if it were our own…and we are allowed to only use these words, “if this were my dream, I…”, and then you share your projection, your understanding, your guess of the meaning of the dream for you – not anyone else…it is fun to “popcorn”, to just blurt out your projections of what this dream means to you.

e) Now we ask the original dreamer for his/her response to the projections of the group. What, for the dreamer, feels on target? What feels not on target?

f) Finally, we ask the dreamer…What is this dream calling you to do? What is the dream’s call to action? And we ask ourselves this same question…what is the dream’s calling for us, as an individual and a community? What is our response? What is our call to action to move toward health and wholeness?

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