Dr. Royce Fitts

Spiritual Counseling

A Trusted Partner In Your Struggles & Questions
For Authenticy, Beauty & Healing

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What is it?

Your journey for living an authentic life

You’ll see that I call myself an atheist-agnostic-believer-dreamer. Though it may not be obvious upon first glance, all aspects of my identity are called upon during a Spiritual Counseling session because I understand that many of us, perhaps all of us, carry traces of all these identities.

A Spiritual Counseling session invites you to work out your own living definitions of terms like God/dess, divinity, wholeness and, even what healing looks like for you.

I sit in presence with you as you explore your own internal territory, your spiritual geography, and your relationship with whatever it is you believe or not believe. When called for, I will ask you direct questions that guide you to wrestle with the angels that demand your attention as you move toward authentic living.

Through Spiritual Counseling, you know that you have a trusted partner who will hold space as you uncover your own questions and learn how to hold yourself when you come up against the unanswerable and the unknowable. Our yearnings are to live with beauty, joy, meaning and adventure.

This attention to your inner world is the foundation for all the actions you’ll take to care for yourself – for your healing – on all the levels of your being – emotional, physical and spiritual.

I sit in presence with you as you explore your own internal territory

What does a Spiritual Counseling session look like?

We come together to explore your needs and questions. We’ll address what you’re going through as an individual, as a healer, as a wounded being trying to care for yourself and make sense of it all.

In addition to discussing what you might describe as your “spiritual life” we may also explore your nighttime dreams. As a Projective Dream Worker who believes deeply in the wisdom and healing power of the unconscious, I find that an exploration of your dreamscapes reveals much about – and helps heal – your waking life.

Before our first spiritual counseling session, I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation to ensure that we’re a match.