Spiritual Counseling Helps the Healer’s Soul to Question, Expand, and Heal

The path of a healer has never been an easy one. You give so much of yourself to your craft, to serving others, to transforming lives. You take the risks of compassion, love and activism to “be the change”. But then, our modern world, as damaged as it is, often scoffs at the idea of healing as being too “out there” or impractical.

In truth, you understand that this sort of disconnection from the self and general misunderstanding of what it really takes to improve life on a personal and global scale is why we need healing – and healers! – so desperately.

In the face of these challenges, in a world so full of pain and suffering, what does it take to build the strength and maintain the reserves required of a healer in a world? It takes a fierce dedication to self-care and a sustained spiritual practice.

And because it’s often hardest for you to devote your energy and attention to yourself, it takes a compassionate partner who will help make space for your fears, your questions, and your longing to make sense of “all that is.”

What is Spiritual Counseling?

You’ll see that I call myself an atheist-agnostic-believer-dreamer. Though it may not be obvious upon first glance, all aspects of my identity are called upon during a spiritual counseling session because I understand that we all carry traces of all these identities within us.

A spiritual counseling session is an opportunity to work out your own definitions of terms like God/dess, divinity, and even “healing” itself.


I sit in presence with you as you explore your own internal territory, your spiritual geography, and your relationship with whatever it is you believe. When called for, I will ask you direct questions that guide you to wrestle with the angels that demand your attention.

Through spiritual counseling, you know that you have a trusted partner who will hold space as you uncover your own questions and learn how to hold yourself when you come up against the unanswerable and the unknowable.

This attention to your inner world is the foundation for all the actions you’ll take to care for yourself, for your healing, on the mental, emotional, and physical levels.

Waterfalls Lovers Healing for Healers

What does a Spiritual Counseling session look like?

We come together via phone or video call, to explore your needs and questions. We’ll address what you’re going through as an individual, as a healer, as a wounded being trying to care for yourself and make sense of it all.

In addition to discussing what you might describe as your “spiritual life” we may also explore your nighttime dreams. As a Projective DreamWorker who believes deeply in the wisdom and healing power of the unconscious, I find that an exploration of your dreamscapes reveals much about your waking life.

Before our first spiritual counseling session, I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation to ensure that we’re a match.

A few words about my understanding of god

Everyone who is honest with themselves will admit that it occasionally feels impossible to reconcile this whole “god” concept with the pain and suffering that is always part of life.

I know I struggle with this, so I look to something called Process Theology to help me understand why we keep looking to the metaphor of god despite the injustice, madness, and grief that are part of the human condition.

Here’s one way to explain how I approach god’s presence in our imperfect world:

It’s one of our common stories and beliefs that “God is Love.”

We know that Love does all it can to stop suffering. Your love would, certainly. And so would mine. So then, why doesn’t god stop suffering? The only possible assumption is that if god COULD stop it all, intervene in it all and fix it all, god WOULD, because Love does that sort of thing. But, we know, we see, that our world hasn’t ever been “fixed”. Why? Well, it’s not because God doesn’t want to or that Love doesn’t want to, the logical conclusion, at least, in process understanding, is that god simply CAN’T.

Ugh… how depressing.

There’s something else we know about Love, however. Love is always there, even when it can’t make the pain go away. And so, god is always there  – when we feel, when we hurt, when we cry, when we question, when we yearn, and when we heal. One beautiful metaphor to hold all of this is that we are within god, we are within love.

Ultimately, my beliefs about god are not the focus of our spiritual counseling sessions, but I share this to help you understand that I too struggle to make sense of it all. With the support of my own healers and counselors, I have come to my own space of living and breathing these sacred questions. You and I are partners, as we all are, with Love, to serve Love for the sake of our beautiful, wounded world. Your work is breath-taking, a molecule at a time. You and I are the servants of healing  compassion.

Each of us has our own set of questions, both answerable and unanswerable. I am here to help you find your way through the wondering and wandering, the asking, the wrestling, the understanding, and the healing. Before our first  Spiritual Counseling and Dream Work Session 

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