Dr. Royce Fitts

The Basics of Projection


Just because my projections are symbolic reflections of more or less unconscious aspects of my own being, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t also vaguely accurate apprehensions of what’s actually going on in the outer world. My projections may be either true or false – but either way, the fact that they are projections will block my ability to make that judgment with any accuracy.

Additionally, any actual truth out in the world will draw the corresponding projections out of me “automatically,” because projecting is not a product of conscious choice. if, in fact, I feel “But it’s true, dammit!” then that’s an even more reliable indication that my perception of that truth is shaped and flavored by my own unconscious projections.

Projections come essentially in two “flavors” – positive and negative. These are known as bright shadow projections and simply shadow projections. Sometimes if a person is using the phrase bright shadow projection, he/she will make the distinction clearer by using the corresponding phrase: dark shadow projection, but when the phrase shadow projection, or simply projection, appears alone, it usually refers to seeing my “dark,” negative shadow clearly in others, while remaining blind to its presence within me.

Regardless of the flavor of my projections, whether they are true or false, projection is always a consequence of it being so much easier for me to see all these aspects of my own character and personality – good or bad – in others than to recognize them, and take responsibility for them in myself.

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