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The Community of Dreams

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Imagine that…

Imagine that… you have a (nighttime) dream. Then, imagine it is the tradition of your family or group or community in which you live to want to listen to your dreams in a spirit of interest, sacredness, acceptance, and being non-judgmental. No matter what your dream…your community graciously accepts your dream…even believes that your dream work is for the good of all the community…for all people.

Now, imagine that not only does this community support you, but also your community seeks to explore with you the wisdom of your dream for you and for the community. What if part of the tradition is to “borrow” the dream and seek to “act it out” in a drama? This would allow the dream to become alive; you would “see” your dream come alive on stage…wow! What would that look like? What would that feel like to see your dream come alive?

Nebraska author and poet laureate, John Neihardt tells the tale of Black Elk, a holy man and warrior of the Lakota people. In Black Elk Speaks, (1932) Neihardt allows the holy man to describe how, as a young boy of, maybe, 10 years of age, he had a dream and the community or tribe listened to him, blessed him and acted-out the dream for him and for the good of all the tribe.

Imagine that…

Why dream and share your dream work in Community? We do not know, for sure, where dreams come from…it seems that dreams may be from one of the oldest aspects of who we are as humans (or even as mammals! ever see a dog try to run as it is dreaming?). Maybe, this means that we are meant to live with each other…in some form of healthy Community, in some form of healthy connection. Know the old saying, “two heads are better than one”? M-m-m-m-m, maybe this is true for dreaming, as well. Two or more trusted people can solve many problems together (I did say, trusted)…we can learn from each other, “share each other’s burdens”, worries, concerns…and dreams…especially, dreams…

Imagine that!

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